Natalie currently works as Senior Director of Data Science/Data Product at Multiview, a small marketing agency specializing in small business B2B work that builds upon their strong background and relationships with associations.

Natalie Kortum worked as Director of Analytics in Consumer Insights at Humana helping Humana implement Marketing Mix Modeling. Previously as a Global Decision Sciences Manager at Dell specializing in Investment Optimization, she worked at measuring long-term impacts of difficult to measure influences such as Brand Campaigns, Social Media, Corporate Social Responsibility and Total Quality Management Improvements.

HiRes-Kortum_Natalie-6842She is lead inventor on two patent-pending model techniques including an overall investment model and a brand health model. In previous roles, she has worked in pricing analysis, promo management, web analytics, and financial planning. She received her undergrad in Mathematics from Texas A&M and her MBA in Marketing and Finance from Southern Methodist University. She has spoken at a variety of Big Data, online, and analytics conferences.

She’s certified in Hadoop and R and has managed several big data projects and looks to do more.  She started her career as a programmer and loves bringing in some of her programming knowledge from her early days into her passion of analytics.


Apple or Android? Android – Come on, I worked for Dell.

Hobby? Travelling the world (I’ve been to all 7 continents.) I love my Board gaming as well and will host board gaming parties.

What app do you use most often for work?
Email via Good Enterprise. I’m also often on linkedin for recruiting/networking.  For personal life management, I use wunderlist.

What social media network or website do you frequent most when you’re not working?
Facebook probably. I love keeping up with my friends who live far away and this seems to be where most of them post.

What’s the first thing you check on your phone in the morning?
Text messages, then work email, then personal email, then BBC top stories.


What other career would you like to try?
I explored meteorology for a while in college. Frankly, weather prediction is based off of a huge model of data that is forever improving. It also has tons of history to study and experiment improved forecasting on. Fantastic and interesting area.

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