When Natalie was in 4th grade, she created an idea that became a national commercial for Tide.  Having peaked on the creative side at such a young age, she decided to dedicate the rest of her advertising career to helping business leaders make better marketing decisions based on data and research.Web-Natalie_Kortum-0371

And dedicated she has been. Her resume reads like a Fortune 500 wish list: PwC, IBM, Dell, Humana, and Multiview.    Natalie currently works as a decision sciences leader at Quadratic for The Richards group.   Her core competencies include everything from consulting and marketing mix modeling to decision science management and cloud analytics. But wait, there’s more: Natalie has also invented and patented multiple optimization models, teaches Big Data at conferences, and hosts her own blog celebrating the confluence of mathematics and marketing.

Yet, despite her passion for all things tech, Natalie still knows how to seriously unplug.  An avid world traveler, she’s visited all seven continents, swam in the icy waters of Antarctica, scuba-dove in the shark-infested reefs of Australia, and continues to enjoy the green pastures of life at home with her husband and cats.


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